Cucumber Gin&Tonic Pops

I’m not complaining, but let’s face it. Summer heat came waaay too early this year!!

So, I came down with a super easy and refreshing cocktail recipe that’s gonna surprise you and get you more and more into the mood.

Gin & Tonic fan? Introducing the most summerish and delicious Cucumber Gin & Tonic Frozen Popsicles! The coolest way to fuel summer fun and start your favorite session in style! 😎


Thumbs Up!

Ingredients: (makes 10)

3 cups tonic water
2 shots of gin
1 lime, juiced
1/2 cup cucumber slices


1.  Mix together gin, tonic, brown sugar and lime juice


2.  Place cucumber slices into popsicle moulds
3.  Pour in the tonic mix

 4. Freeze overnight and enjoy!!

IMG_6347 (1)

P.S. Add some mint leaves for extra flavor!

IMG_6485 copy

…Just cool off your summer!!


🌴 🌴 🌴

 xxx N



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