Skopelos Island

Skopelos island. A real oasis of relaxation. With crystal clear deep blue waters, the island itself is characterized as a natural painting. The numerous verdant green hills down to the sea level, the sharp rocks and the pebble beaches all come together to create a canvas of the indescribable Aegean beauty. Marvellous picturesque landscapes, charming little white-washed houses, peace– and quiet. Couldn’t get any better. A wisely chosen filming location for the world-famous musical, Mamma Mia! 😉


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Winter Getaway

A short getaway is the best way to rejuvenate, especially if your free days are quite limited. This weekend’s destination: Grand Forest Resort ***** located in Metsovo, Greece. Beginning from the journey there’s only one thing I should tell: go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see. Uninterrupted views to nature. Never-ending landscapes.

On the road to Metsovo

On the road to Metsovo


. . .

Okay, seriously. The hotel is fantastic! Evening Must-DO: enjoy the sunset from the hotel’s lobby. Large windows & large fireplaces. Bingo! Exactly what’s needed. Red wine and pink skies.


The Lobby


Tea Time with A VIEW.


Burning 24/7

Waking up to This

Waking up to This


A hot cappuccino is a must

1350M. ABOVE

1350M. ABOVE

Lake of Aoos' springs

Lake of Aoos’ springs


BMW Offroading XD